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Tendency of Generation

This study is aimed at examining the relationship between Generation Y consumers and the several demographic factors and preference for foods. Behind the Baby boomers, Generation Y is one of the largest consumer segments. The college students under the age of thirty five years of old will be approached for the study. More than 220 surveys were charted and evaluated. Considerable findings for the analyzed demographic variables will be resulted after closely examining the various aspects of Generation Y preferences for the use of organic products. However, in order to comprehensively understand Generation Y’s choice and impact of gender for organic products, it is highly advocated to undertake several more studies. From a product development perspective, there are many opportunities for marketers to pursue consumer preferences and packaging opportunities.readmore

Data Analysis Techniques

The purpose of this section is to critically appraise the data analysis methods used by 5 quantitative studies and to determine how statistical tests have been used to analyze the data. The subject matter of the five quantitative research papers under study is to establish a relationship between the extended work durations or shifts and medical error risks.readmore

Growth in the UK vehicle customization 

The evolution of the automotive industry has two great moments that can be considered watershed in its history. A detailed explanation of this industry in terms of globalised phenomenon is also given in this research. The use of secondary sources has been used for the explanation of concepts in customised vehicle industry. The limited number of literature was available in this area how the research has highlighted some in depth explanation of the overall vehicle industry’s innovative aspects. Therefore survey was conducted to analyse the perception of people regarding customisation of their vehicles.readmore

Accounting in Contemporary Society

Accounting has become an extensive scope and area of presentation in the society. It is not only associated to business system all over the world, but extent in all the sphere of society and in all occupation. Without concerning in earning profit, financial transaction now a day has taken in different social institution and professional activities (Kamla, 2009).

The purpose of this study to examine the role of accounting and financial theories in altering the nature of society, further here is discussing the role and success of accounting in financial markets and the present condition of finance sectors and their impact on capital market (Kamla,2009).readmore

Communication Problem facing a Real Life Organization

Communication is an essential aspect of the proper functioning of an organization. It offers various tools and techniques to manage it. In this regard public relations constitute one of its main tools because they start from a basic principle inherent to all human beings: communication (Hendrix et al: 2012).

Whether the public want it or not, all individuals, groups and companies communicate daily messages to different audiences. Public Relations make sure that these messages are appropriate, sent by the appropriate channels and understood in perspective (Dozier et al: 2013). Therefore, public relations are a valuable tool to establish better communication and integration among social groups. It undoubtedly respond to a major objective in its work and is addressed to get sympathy, understanding and solidarity of the public affected or affect the activity of an organization (Hendrix et al: 2012).readmore

Women’s body in advertising

Advertising since its inception has used women to attract consumers. It has tried to persuade the consumer and catch them in their product using the woman as an object to promote something. Although the woman is used as a powerful symbol in advertising, as society has considered or is related to harmony, tranquility and softness that manages in its way of being, it is also seen as a sex symbol that is capable of attracting attention of all men and so draw their attention to a product which is being shaped by it to have an impact on the consumer and this in turn is welcomed (Baker:2005).readmore

Consumption in Retailing in UK

According to a study in the country, one in three purchases of appliances, pieces of clothing or furniture have been made through the web (Kim, Kim & Park, 2010). British families already use the Internet to more than 30% of their purchases, said a study on consumption in the country, and the number is growing (Kim, Kim & Park, 2010). The incorporation of experiential aspects in order to advance knowledge of the buying behaviour of consumers occurs in the 80s, at which point one begins to realize the value of emotions as a key element in the process (Palmer, 2010). This approach assumes a postmodern marketing orientation, turning the central character of the surrounding consideration of people as individuals interested in achieving emotional experiences a pleasant and enjoyable consumption. Moreover, a pleasant and unique experience will have a personal depending on the subject and the situation in which it is received (Walls et al., 2011).readmore

Possible Replacements for Antibiotics

The purpose of this review was to describe the new therapeutic alternatives, particularly in the post antibiotic era, and review the most relevant chemical properties of the compounds and their spectrum of activity, emphasizing their mechanisms of action and resistance as substitutes to antibiotics.readmore

Bond market efficiency

The bond markets suffer from anaemic yields, inadequate risk premiums and a lack of liquidity. How to manage a bond portfolio in these circumstances? One can, for example, choose to focus on flexibility and be focused on the management of exposure to interest rates, inflation, and credit and liquidity risk. By becoming able to invest across the bond market without being constrained by a benchmark, the fund manager can react more freely face the changing risk environment and protect against liquidity shocks. The increase in the Fed rate is closer to us and quantitative easing weighing on yields in Europe, the US high yield, products to protect themselves aconceal the purchase gainst inflation, rated structured products and cash are assets relatively attractive today.readmore

Vitamin D in Cardiovascular Health and Disease

The most frequent cause of morbidity and mortality is cardiovascular disease (CV). While there are clearly established risk factors, new ones are emerging from the results of various epidemiological studies. Recent research indicates that vitamin D deficiency would be associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, for its association with hypertension, peripheral artery disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, coronary heart disease and heart failure. Vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent and is observed significantly in children and adolescents. The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the general population varies between 30% and 50%. Although the data indicate the importance of vitamin D in health CV, little is known about the effects of supplementation in cases of deficiency.

Experimental evidence suggests that the cardiovascular system is adversely affected by its deficiency, and observational and epidemiological studies demonstrate the existence of a clear link between vitamin D deficiency and cardiovascular disease. It would be unfair to mention here that, given the nature of most of the studies conducted, the findings represent only associations do not imply causality..readmore